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A (Tiny) House Call

Your bathroom – It’s pretty much the first and last place you spend each day.
So this large or small or medium-sized space should fortify to take on the day then pamper for rest after.

With no remodel budget in mind, let’s conjure up a little TLC in this space. Borrow a seldom used tray or platter from the china cabinet to collectively hold items like a small clock, candle, lotion and bud vase for a fresh flower or piece of greenery from the yard. Repurpose a glass or mug to hold toothbrushes and an antique saucer to hold soap or “every day” jewelry. Place everything else in drawers or cabinets to keep your countertop clutter (and sticky) free.

Bring in a lamp – or small pair of matching lamps – along with your favorite framed picture to bring a smile to your face morning and night. Rotate the pic from time to time if it’s hard to choose just one!

Wash or replace your shower curtain, mats and robe regularly. All are inexpensive and oh-so-luxurious when crisp and clean. Change out existing cabinet hardware with new “jewelry” that makes you happy – just measure the width between the screws for seamless replacement, or better yet, take the old stuff along to ensure you like the size and scale of new selections. Pick up a can of spray paint and give new life to old framed mirrors then bring in a piece of art stored in the attic and see how it looks on a bathroom wall.

A couple of well spent hours over the weekend = happy refresh!