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About Me

Kip Flanders, raised in Dallas, has a passion for God, family, and helping others. Kip attributes his time at Jesuit High School, Texas Tech and serving in the United States Marine Corps for allowing him to experience the joy of giving as well as learning true teamwork and character building. These experiences have prepared him for his professional life and his ultimate choice of becoming a Real Estate Agent.

“Dallas Jesuit was a wonderful experience. I was taught the importance of serving others in Christ, and learned the concept of the joy of giving. My time in the Marine Corps is where I learned the extreme importance of teamwork, as Marines literally rely on each other for their lives–it was truly character building and prepared me in many ways for my professional life”.

As a Marine, Kip received a Meritorious Mast and a meritorious promotion for leadership, a passion of Kip’s that later lead to his eight year position as CEO. Kip’s total career in Information Technology has spanned three decades where he has served in roles from Sales Representative to CEO and has had the privilege of helping many of the world’s Fortune 100 companies and several different start-ups.

After wrapping up his latest business engagement, Kip craved change and to be able to take a break from travelling and be near his family and his church, which have become the utmost importance to him. After searching his heart in prayer, Kip decided to seek out a job at Covenant Realty which is led by the combined leadership of his sister, Valerie and his nephew, Ryan. Kip looks forward to using his years of business experience and education to assist every person he meets with great care, compassion and detail.

Some of Kip’s personal interests outside of work include having served as a Dallas Cowboy’s Game day radio correspondent, pilot, published poet and inspirational speaker.

“Covenant is a boutique, servant-leader realty firm. The company’s strict adherence to referral based business, stems from its commitment to excellence. They have built a tremendous organization, with a multitude of delighted clients and a highly dedicated team of employees. And the fact that Covenant is a Christian organization, is of the utmost importance to me. The integrity of believers is a cornerstone, and I want to glorify God in my Real Estate Practice”.

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