What our clients are saying about us

Testimonial from ~Rick, Kate, Nora & Rose P.

Valerie Kirkpatrick and Covenant Realty made our dream come true in 2017. Our family was relocated to Dallas and we chose Allen as our home city. While visiting from St. Louis for the weekend, Valerie showed us homes carefully chosen based on our specific wants and needs. She helped us talk through every detail, and patiently supported us while we made our choice.

During the days leading up to closing, there were many components to our deal that got very complicated. Valerie negotiated up until the very last second in order to hold our deal together. Without her experience and expertise, the contract on our house would have been lost.

Any agent can search for and show houses. But Valerie’s knowledge and competence is invaluable when a deal is complex, and the unexpected happens. Valerie celebrated with us at closing, and will remain our forever friend and realtor.

Rick, Kate, Nora & Rose P.

Testimonial from ~Darlene E.

I was waiting to purchase a home once my daughter graduated college. Well she did and the time had come for me to start looking for a realtor. I was talking to Valerie at a family graduation party and telling her I was looking to purchase a home. She started to tell me about Covenant Realty and I could see her passion to help and knowledge of the business was sincere. I immediately decided to have her help me on this journey. She has guided me every step of the way with negotiating the price of the home to working with the mortgage team and explaining all the legal documents. But, the biggest gem was how she encouraged me through the doubts and fears of buying a home. I am so grateful for her being there on this exciting journey with me. I am so glad I decided to go with Valerie and Covenant Realty to purchase my home.

Darlene E.

Testimonial from ~Ron Z.

When I decided to return to Texas, I picked the Dallas area and was looking for a senior retirement community. I got in touch with Val and she provided options, showed me several and helped me to make a good decision. I made my choice and Val walked me through the entire process of closing, selecting options and making sure I signed the proper paperwork. Her expertise and commitment to making sure I was satisfied made my choice to work with her a rewarding experience.

Ron Z.

Testimonial from ~Joanne C.

“When I began to think about considering options and putting my home on the market, I contacted Kip. He had a “no pressure” approach and offered to help me just look at the information so I could make the best decision for me. We met and discussed options. He provided tons of information and resources that helped me make the decision to sell and relocate.

Both he and Valerie helped me get my home ready for sale and made the process so easy!!! They were with me step by step, encouraging and yet not pressuring me. I quickly found the home I wanted and sold my home in the same week. It was such a smooth process and I am thankful for both of them. In addition to learning all about the real estate process, I feel like I gained two good friends. I am so thankful for all the help and support I received from Covenant Realty. They are truly a company that emphasizes character, integrity and customer support/satisfaction.

Joanne C.

Testimonial from ~Paris and Essi M.

Valerie is so professional and knowledgeable.  We had a very pleasant  experience working with her. She is honest and enthusiastic. We have used different agents in the past and no one compares with her.  We have worked with her in both the buying and selling phases. We highly recommend Valerie for any of your real estate needs.
Thank you Valerie!

Paris and Essi M.

Testimonial from Yves C and Magaly S

First and foremost, Magaly and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for all you have done. Now that we closed on the house and the last hectic couple days are over, I have been reflecting how this all came to this good conclusion. No matter how I looked at it, you always came up as the key person who has made it all happen, and I wanted to share with you my assessment of all you have done.

First, you have a keen emotional intelligence. You take the time to know people, are genuinely interested in their lives and aspirations, and therefore can connect with them on a deep personal level. This is so important in all professions but particularly as a realtor. We make decision because we want to see that what we do matters to the world, to other people. Selling a house is no different: we want to know that that house will make others happy, be meaningful for future occupants. You understood that! By getting to know us as people, you were able to assist us in doing what was meaningful for us and ultimately would bring us the most happiness.

Second, you are clear and honest on your goals so it is understandable for others. I particularly appreciated your honesty in stating the goals (e.g. that the sale can go through, connections we can make for you at UT Dallas), and the conditions (e.g. your fee). It makes it easier to accept when some of the elements are not necessarily the best for us. I respect this. Moreover, the gesture you made to help with the title search fee had a big impact because it really showed us that you had heard us but also because we knew that it was financially not so easy for you to do that. Again, this deepened the respect Magaly and I have for you as a professional and a person.

Third, you are personally a very caring person. This is reflected in your relationship with Kieu for instance. It is clear that your priority is to know and help people. This is why you tend to be surrounded by exceptionally nice people and friends. I could sense that and therefore trust you and your advices because I knew they came from care rather than selfish interest. The fact that you too were able to share with us very personal things not only deepened that trust but ultimately began a true friendship. This friendship with you and Kieu is what we will always remember later, not the sale of the house.

Sorry for this long academic tirade (my professional bias!). It just means: “THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS”.

p.s. this is fine to share this email. There is nothing confidential, proprietary or otherwise secret!!!

Yves C and Magaly S

The Gaytan Family

When my husband and I decided to sell our first home we weren’t really sure what direction to take or how we could find the best realtor for us.

Luckily my Dad knew someone that could help us and that was Valerie!

At the time we contacted her she was out of the country but had someone extremely helpful come and take care of us until she came back who was Ms. Georgia! She came to our home and took her time explaining every detail and made sure we knew the value of our home.

When we finally met Valerie I could tell she had a good heart and was genuine and very knowledgeable, I trusted her fully.

My husband and I  really didn’t have to do anything. She took care of everything – all we had to do was keep the house clean and we had a contract on our home with in a week! Over all it was great and I would recommend Covenant Realty  to any of my family and friends.

The Gaytan Family

The Gaytan Family